Mailto: and Calendar links hijacked!

Description of the issue:
mailto: links hijacked to gmail after installing Brave (even in Safari). Calendar links are hijacked too. MacOS with standard Email and Calendar client.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Yes - lick on a link for mail or calendar
2.Yes the setting under mail preferences are checked
3.See screen cap for last time issue was resolved and a post from May with no solution - Link referred to under Privacy and Security no longer exists. Going to brave://settings/handlers yields other attached picture. Too late - Action has already been taken without me asking.

Expected result:
Should open native Mail MacOS client
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.26.77 Chromium: 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Additional Information:
No other changes have been made since after Brave was installed, which coincided with turn on of problem. I have and haven’t had no other Chromium browsers installed.

(I have 0% confidence these attachments actually attached. Please reply if not and I will try to send another way.)

Example of hijacked mailto link whether opened in Brave or Safari from Amazon

Also happens with Calendar entries as I said, but I don’t have an example link handy. Nothing in the URL re what handler to use. It’s buried deeper than that, especially given that it’s happening on MacOS Safari browser too. Chrome and Chromium browsers take too many liberties.

Not totally sure I understand all of what you’re saying, especially here:

But if I understand correctly, you want mailto links to go to your preferred email client but instead it’s opening gmail in Brave, right? Well, Brave needs permission to do that, which is held in brave://settings/handlers. Please go there, look for the email option, click on the “3 dots” icon next to it, then Remove.

Those are just screen caps of previous (now closed) threads in support forum with same issue.

One has a solution that’s no longer listed under settings.

I don’t think the other one was resolved before it was closed.

I would have just replied to one of these but they were closed.


Mike Dickson

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Can you please respond to/try the solution suggested above?

Not sure if this makes a difference. I’m on macOS Big Sur.Here’s what I see at the handlers link.

Interesting thing is that when I click a mailto: link, even in Safari, it still opens Brave to compose message in Gmail.

Seems like it’s a deeper level setting than Brave only. Make sense?

Mike Dickson
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Other thing to note. Same thing happens on sites that offer a “Send to Calendar” option. Link opens Google Calendar instead of native MacOS calendar.

Mike Dickson
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I see. And just to be extra clear – you’ve already tried setting the default mailto/calendar apps from within their respective app’s Preferences?

Yes. Thx.

Mike Dickson

Cell 623-272-1389

If you change your default browser to Safari, does the app still open in Brave? Or is this only when Brave is set to be your default browser?

I never changed it to default (tho I use it 90% of time)


Mike Dickson

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