macOS V1.38.109 Wallet and Rewards Not Working

After installing V1.38.109 I was not able to turn on Brave Rewards or connect my Uphold wallet. I also couldn’t get the BAT triangle icon to work. So decided to install an earlier version of the browser (i.e. roll back the version).

Used the following steps:

  1. Downloaded Brave-Browser-x64.dmg released last month on Brave’s official github page

  2. Installed v1.37.109 (you can change the version number in the link to find another version).

  3. Clicked on the BAT icon and verified my wallet.

Had to go to brave://rewards/ to check all my settings. Recommend checking them especially the auto-contribute one (it got turned back on).

Note: I’m running macOS Catalina version 10.15.7

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