MacOS Sierra Battery Drain


Don’t need any support, but just would like team to look into this as it’s a bad customer experience for novice users.

I lose about 1% every few minutes in current state.

Was informed in chat that turning off hardware acceleration should improve battery performance on MacOS. Shouldn’t have to do this on an overpriced machine designed for casual users. This battery drain has only seemed to happen in most recent updates (last couple of weeks.)

Brave Energy Consumption issues on Mac
Too many problems with the browser

@NektyeOfficial Agreed!

Brave has been draining A Lot of battery from last couple of months for me. Every single update makes it heavier.


What version of Brave are you using?


I am using version 0.21.18


I have also experienced this very same issue. Brave 0.21.18 absolutely destroys my battery life on the most recent version of High Sierra. I don’t expect Brave to be as power efficient as Safari, but it would be nice if it was closer in line to Chrome at least. As it stands, I pretty much cannot use Brave unless I am plugged in due to the battery drain. Hopefully this is looked into and worked on so I can make Brave my default!


Doesn’t matter. Brave & OS, both are kept up-to-date & every single brave update makes it heavier…And heavier…And heavier.


How many hours do you get on your battery? How much CPU is being used a majority of the time?


I’d say, battery life while normal browsing 2 hours on Mozilla with uBlock origin, NoScript & privacy badger takes about 40% battery.

Same normal browsing with brave for 2 hours with default settings & no installed add-on, takes 60-65% of battery.


@BOB-vagene Sorry to hear that, Brave has been great on my battery ever since I’ve started using it.


@LaurenWags I noticed that Brave is becoming steadily inefficient energy wise.

If you have a look at @byoung0589 's similar topic Brave Energy Consumption issues on Mac he shows an Avg Energy Impact of 42.67 and that was 17 days ago. @NektyeOfficial 's image on this page shows an Avg Energy Impact of 58.26 and this was 12 days ago.

Of course this is not highly accurate in terms of stats because the variable of what they were predominately doing and how long they were utilizing the browser for but nevertheless, it does shed light that across the platforms Brave is becoming energy inefficient, similarly, with the mobile version as well, as reported here - Brave on the most consuming apps in battery settings?


I want to add a clarification for this issue.
I am using macos (latest version, irrelevant) on a macbook pro 15’’
This kind of laptop has integrated graphics (on cpu) and dedicated (AMD video card)
All apps are expected to determine whether dedicated graphics are needed or not.
This goes from very smart detection, Photos and Safari (where dedicated graphics would be used had the laptop be plugged to power, but when it is not the simpler/slower functions of integrated graphics are being used because battery is the highest priority when on battery)
To less savy apps, but decent in detection - for instance Google Chrome. Chrome would fire up dedicated graphics when needed 9although the page would do fine without it). An example of such page is Most of the times, and especially when a page goes dormant (the great suspender - something by default in Brave - thanks guys!) Chrome will allow the video to return to integrated graphics and energy drain is close to the one safari has.

Brave fires up dedicated graphics even for a blank page!

This seems like a minor issue, but I think it is a serious usability one for users of macos on MBP with dedicated graphics cards (not 13’’) that run often on battery. Basically it prevents me from using the browser altogether and this is a shame as I like the idea of donating to the sites I visit.

Since Brave is close to Chrome, maybe there’s a short/unexpensive way to solving this…


This could be a huge factor in saving battery life, and one I had completely missed. Can you manually start Brave and tell it to use the Integrated graphics? I know it’s something that can be done with certain cards on Windows but I don’t have much IOS experience.


I don’t know of any method to tell brave this - my switcher app cannot turn back to integrated graphics while Brave is running.


At least on Windows, you right click the icon and specify which Graphics Card to use.


There is no systray icon on macos. Right click on the docker icon does not bring anything special either.

I noticed that by disabling Settings > Advanced > Use HW acceleration when available - Brave will not fire up dedicated graphics (and will probably even avoid using the on CPU acceleration…)

This could be a workaround - always visit settings tab when you plug in/out your mac… and restart brave.


On the disable “hardware acceleration when available”:

Brave becomes quite slugish though… (when compared with safari w/o dedicated Radeon graphics, but only intel acceleration; and safari is not a bright star on the browsers sky… I mean if safari’s render of google maps is faster than Brave’s - that’s not good news; but is understandable since I have just disabled any kind of HW acceleration for Brave… )

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