MacOS Keyboard Text replacements NOT working or enabled

Using: macOS - 10.13.6; Brave - 0.24.0

When using Brave MacOS Keyboard Text replacements do not work and are not enabled. This topic was raised by another user on Jun 15, but there was not reply.

@edkless, I don’t think this issue is Brave specific.
I’m unable to perform this function on any Brave build, also using macOS 10.13.6 but I’m also unable to use it in Firefox or Chrome. Were you able to use this feature in Chrome previously?

Yes, in doing further research it seems this is a core Chrome issue. This post contains further explanation as well as a nifty workaround -

Now if we can get the Evernote extension. :wink:


More extension support is coming to v1.0. if you want to try the beta version of v1.0 that already support installing extension from CWS.

Note this version may have missing features, more bugs, and still in active development.


@eljuno - Thanks for the tip. I have been using it for two hours and it is super. Made things so much easier. I am looking forward to the full 1.0 version, but this is terrific.

what do you mean with “easier”. Is that build supporting text replacements or did you have an extension installed supporting the text replacements?

Sadly, it does not support the text replacements, but I have been able to load Chrome extensions such as Evernote clipper, which for me is even more vital. There are several text replacement extensions, but as of yet I have not tried any out. Let me know if you find one that you like and I will do the same.