MacOs Desktop App High Memory Consumption While Streaming Video

I’m only reproducing on my macbook, I can’t reproduce specific issues (like Hardware or other installed software). For sure I want to identify any issue no question there, its just limiting, we’re not running the same computer.

I’ll stream the youtube clip for an hour and post screenshots. Should include same screenshots like mine I’ve posted also.

After 30mins:

(Brave Nightly)

  • HW Acceleration enabled
  • No extensions
  • Plugged in
  • 1440p stream (Lower resolution may help with perf)

Brave Task Manager:



1hr stream:
Brave task manager:



SO yeah, 1hr of watching a video is taking up 500MB Memory usage which i believe is also on a higher side, but i actually requested you to analyse the same on his live which will be 3-3.5 hrs from now onn!!

Yeah i agree with you, thats why i asked that should i do the testing so that maybe you could figure out if there was something specific with the mac itself that is interfering with the browser!!

@fanboynz so i did the same tests on my system for half an hour!! Here the last youtube video you can see, it is not a live stream but a regular vid which was open for the past 2hrs and the 2nd last vid is the live stream.

So is anything visible :smiling_face_with_tear: :pleading_face:?

Well, here’s a shot of my Activity Monitor, with no videos streaming! Brave GPU suddenly began blasting off, and it leaped up from the usual 8/9GBs to 50, then 60, and when it hit 70GBs and Brave itself shifted to “not responding”, I force quit it. Something is happening here, what is ain’t exactly clear…

Does intentionally lowering the resolution make ram usage better? Just note the bottom green graph is “Memory used: 6.82G” is the entire system not the Browser alone.

What does the Brave task manager show? Also is this with HW Acceleration enabled or disabled?

I will check and provide an update on the same during a livestream later today.

So i opened the stream for almost 1 hour on 480p only. And the resolution kept on changing between 650MB and 900MB. These are the Highest and the Lowest Memory usages Noted!!

So Resolution is playing some role here finally :sweat_smile:, but it doesnt explain the High Memory usage by Instagram :cry:

Interesting. Okay,

Does using help with perf issues?

Seriously? So is what you see in my Activity Monitor really not enough documentation to show that something is very wrong? When the browser freezes up and RAM use gets to 70GB, that’s pretty good evidence, no? Plus, how am I supposed to open the Brave Task Manager, when the app is FROZEN?
Also, where exactly is the setting for Hardware Acceleration, or the other, I think graphics acceleration? Cause I don’t see it, nor does doing a search in the settings window, or on the Brave Help Center page, bring up anything.

In settings you can either search for graphics acceleration or Settings --> System --> Graphic Acceleration

@deadlymaddy06 As I said, searches bring up nothing, and I’m not sure what you’re suggesting I do with the arrows between the terms. But I’ve searched in Settings, as well as Brave Help, for both Graphic & Hardware Acceleration, and nothing, which is pretty odd, why can’t these features be found?

Well Thats really strange!!! Are you using Brave’s Latest version??? Also could you please share the screenshot of System in the Browser settings?

Ye, I am using the latest version of Brave (1.66.110), and I do see Graphics Acceleration, but not Hardware Acceleration, nor can I find any information on either one, via searching on Brave Help. How am I supposed to know if I should set Graphics Acceleration on or off, without any kind of explanation as to what it even is?

Well thats great that you found Graphics acceleration. I recently found out that Hardware Acceleration is named as Graphics acceleration across some devices!! So i’ll suggest, you just mention Fanboyz in your next reply, and just tell him whether Graphics Acceleration is enabled or not

If you have Accleration disabled:

  • The CPU usage will go up depending how many cores you have. From my screenshot its minor since I’m on a 5950x. But any smaller core CPU’s will show much more resource usage and will stutter much more. Basically stress the CPU more. Unless you have an older GPU or buggy GPU drivers, its best not to disable the Hardware Acceleration.

If you have Accleration enabled:

  • Minor increase in GPU usage on my 2080 Super. CPU usage is much minor.

(RAM usage is only high because I have many apps open in the background.)

Using a test 4K youtube stream:
GPU Hardware Acceleration enabled:

GPU Hardware Acceleration disabled:

Unrelated to HW/GPU Acceleration, but added extensions can make worst perf; Also will compound with every extension added.

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