MacOS Catalina Vers. 10.15.3 - My BAT balance is 0 after installing and removing MetaMask + Cannot pass the CAPTCHA anymore to get my new BAT

Hey guys,

I had a similar issue before. Last time I lost everything and set up a new wallet (including new installation of Brave Browser). Lost 20 BAT on this in the past, but I thought good can happen start new and will never have the issue again.

Now, after installing MetaMask and removing it (because it seemed to me the same like the already integrated wallet of Brave), my BAT wallet went to 0 Token (everting is lost). Do not know why? I restored the wallet via password phrase, but still 0 BAT. And the current BAT for watching ads are growing but I cannot claim them anymore. Can’t pass the CAPTCHA test (triangle, square, etc…). I think due to installation and deinstallation of MetaMask it might lost the connection to my wallet somehow? All BAT has been vanished on the wallet and this thing does not seem to me nice and stable (think of real time use wit ETH and bigger sums in the future). Can we fix this? Do you have personal support via Teamviewer? Can we deactivate the CAPTCHA function if it is not working properly?

Do not want to lose everything again this time by installing new and creating a new wallet.
Thank you!

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