macOS Brave takes all resources and freezes after being open several hours

When I have Brave open for a long time on my MacBook, the fan cpu fan comes on. Then after about 5 minutes Brave becomes unresponsive. It cannot be closed because the stoplights in the title bar are non-functional. Using the task monitor also will not shut down Brave. I even tried to force a reboot, and that failed because it was waiting for Brave to shut down. The odd thing is that the application monitor does not show the CPU pegged. But the application using the most ‘energy’ is Brave, and that application is also the only unresponsive one. But the CPU fan never comes on, and I mean never in the 5 years I have had this MacBook, except when Brave freezes.

As far as trying to repeat it, I noticed that this happens whenever I host a Zoom meeting, about an hour into the meeting. I do not allow Zoom access to my applications, so it cannot share screens, but I use Brave to research items that come up in the conversation.

So I can repeat this by:

  1. Starting a Zoom meeting
  2. Open Brave during the meeting
  3. Wait continue with the meeting for an hour.
  4. The CPU fan will come on. At that point, Brave is locked up. Every other app on the MacBook still functions.

I am on a MacBook Air, running macOS Catalina version 10.15.5
The Brave version is [Version 1.9.76 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

I have a similar issue, only my Mac completely freezes and I am unable to do anything but a hard shut down.
First it happened while I was on a Zoom call, so I thought it was connected with Zoom, but today it happened while I was browsing through Google Drive files.

I am on MacBook Air, Catalina v. 10.15.4.
Brave: version 1.9.76 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)], not using Rewards.

I had a very similar issue with my iMac El Capitan–happened when in zoom, as I recall, but then happened any time. A very hard freeze of EVERYTHING. It did this several times–hard shutdowns every time. I trashed that program, downloaded a new one and it happened several more times. Never had this issue before. I love the Brave browser, fast and works well. I finally dumped it from my computer several weeks ago and don’t dare to use it again. This is unacceptable and so disappointing.

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