MacOS Auto-fill passwords

Is it possible for Brave browser, on MacOS to make use of the MacOS password manager (password found system preferences) to autofill in passwords, and MFA?


Can you be more specific about what you mean when you say “make use of”? Do you mean use the macOS keychain as a password manager in the browser? If so the answer is no – keychain password information is not available to apps outside of the Apple ecosystem. That said, there is an iCloud passwords extension you can use.

Hi @Mattches ,
unfortunately that browser extension only works for windows users.
Yes I think you are correct in identifying it as the keychain, although I was thinking that the Password app in Preferences was different. If you have access to MacOS you can type “passwords” or go to Preferences → Passwords which is a new UI that IOS has had for a while I believe. or you can type “keychain” in spotlight to access passwords, certificates etc which is the old-school method I believe.

I don’t know Swift, or c++ (or much coding full stop) but guessing there is no support to pull in Swift classes such as found here? Security Interface | Apple Developer Documentation

Thanks for your fast responses though.

Unlikely but I can reach out to our macOS folks for confirmation.

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