Macbook Pro restarted and all Brave Data is Gone


Hey Guys,

My laptop restarted, and when it was back up, all my open windows, bookmarks, data, etc was gone as if I had just installed brave. Not sure what to do or how to get it all back. Please Help!

Macbook Pro
MacOS High Sierra

Thank you in advance



What version of Brave are you using?


The most recent updated version .20.42.


This is weird. Did you install any software on same device that wipes the excessive junks & temp files, like CCleaner or antivirus based performance booster that clears the junk files for device optimization on schedule based automatic optimization?


The weird thing is I feel like the data is still in the programs Library/ApplicationSupport file… I just dont know how to access.

Come to think of it, there was a software update from macOS High Sierra, and after that it was gone.


Also looping in @LaurenWags for assistance. I also believe your data still there. :slight_smile:


I appreciate it, thank you. :crossed_fingers:


Hi @oh-mar

If you navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/brave do you have multiple session-store files?



Hi @LaurenWags

There is only 1, named Session-store-1.



Hi @oh-mar

Unfortunately it sounds like your data may be lost :frowning: Am I correct in understanding that you didn’t update Brave, but rather you updated your OS (which is High Sierra) and the data was gone after that?



Yes that is correct. :disappointed: I appreciate you help. Thank you!!


Hi @oh-mar

One last long-shot, is it possible you have a brave-beta folder in ~/Library/Application Support/ that could be housing your Brave data? Probably not, but a teammate suggested it as a possibility.


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