Mac Spinning Disc and hang


Brave version 0.22.714
Mac OS version 10.10.5

I had been using Brave for some weeks…then the Mac coloured spinning disc appeared (I don’t know why) with the software hung and requiring force quitting. In the screen shot the spinning disc does not appear even though it is on the screen.
I renamed the [Library -> Application Support -> brave] folder and reinstalled Brave. The wallet is now not accessed and there are no funds in the Payments account balance. I presume the wallet was in the original brave Application Support folder but I do not know how to restore it.

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Brave 0.22.714
V8 6.6.346.26
rev fa2fbca
Muon 6.0.9
OS Release 14.5.0
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform macOS
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 66.0.3359.139


You can always backup your wallet and restore it in a new installation of Brave by going into Brave Payments, then Settings, then pressing Backup Wallet. This will generate a backup key that will allow you to restore your wallet on new installations of Brave (and on other computers).

Try going into your old Library/Application Support/Brave folder and looking for a file called brave_wallet_recovery.txt. If you have such a file, therein will lie the recovery key for your wallet (it looks like a dozen or so random words). You can then go into Brave Payments settings and restore your wallet with that recovery phrase.

With your old renamed folder, does Brave not boot up at all or does it hang the moment it starts up? If not, see if you can un-rename it, and then quickly go in and do the backup described above if you don’t have a brave_wallet_recovery.txt file!

Let us know how this goes. If this doesn’t work, I’d ask @LaurenWags how to restore parts of the old profile with the contents of the old folder to at least bring the wallet profile back!


Thanks for response…
The text file: brave_wallet_recovery.txt is not in the original folder.
If I use this folder at startup, Brave starts up, but then immediately hangs, so can’t do any wallet backup or other operation.
Good to know the backup option for the future though.


Hi @linzeesh

You could quickly try this:
Close Brave.
Navigate to Library -> Application Support -> brave and rename the ledger-state.json file to be something like ledger-state-notneeded.json
Navigate to your old brave folder (the one you renamed at renamed Library -> Application Support).
Copy your ledger-state.json file. (important to copy only, not move this file)
Put the copy of your ledger-state.json file in your new Library -> Application Support -> brave folder.
Launch Brave and see if your balance is displayed. If it is displayed, you can delete the ledger-state-notneeded.json file.

If not, I have some other steps we can try, but they’re a bit more time consuming.



thanks Lauren, tried that and Brave started up and hung as before. I have now restored the ledger-state.json file


Interesting! So your ledger-state.json caused the hangup but without it you were fine?


Hi Lauren and linzeesh. I have exactly the same issue. As soon as I launch Brave browser on my Mac it freezes and I get the coloured spinning disc. Is the solution to delete the ledger-state.json file ? And if so, where do i find it? Thanks for your help


You’ll be able to find the ledger-state.json file in the following directory Library/Application Support/Brave. You can access the /Library directory by going to your desktop (click on the background so you are in the Finder context) and pressing Shift + Command + L.

You should also be able to find it under the Go menu at the top when you’re in Finder (though I’ve seen Library hidden in the past before for some users)!


Thank you so much! I’ve found it, deleted it and now Brave works again for me too :slight_smile: So glad! !!



I wouldn’t delete that file if you have BAT in your Brave wallet (unless you’ve backed up your Brave wallet). If your Brave wallet is empty then it’s ok to delete that file :slight_smile:



Hey Lauren. I actually did have some BAT in Brave wallet and I did not back up my Brave wallet… so is it gone now ? (if yes not a big deal… wasn’t much fortunately)


If the file is still in your trash then we can probably retrieve the necessary info. If you can grab it from your trash please private message it to me (just add .mp4 to the end of the filename in your message).



yes the original ledger-state.json file caused the hangup and with the default it runs normally. I also tried the opposite by placing the default ledger-state.json file in the original folder which presumably contains the wallet. Brave then ran normally but still no funds…


@linzeesh your wallet information is in your ledger-state.json file, so the original file (which is causing the hang up) contains your information. If you still have the original ledger-state.json file we can get information from it to retrieve your wallet. if you don’t still have it, the BAT are lost - see this entry Mac Spinning Disc and hang


thanks Lauren, the information in your email was followed and resulted in the Wallet funds being restored. I now have the backup info.


Thanks for reporting back! Going to close this thread out.


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