Mac OSx update broke passwords


Today I upgraded my Macbook Pro to High Sierra version 10.13 after which Brave lost all of my passwords and when I say “yes” for Brave to store passwords it fails to do so. Not life-threatening or anything, but certainly annoying. Any suggestions?


Would you please provide the version info on about:brave?


My apologies. Brave 0.18.36

The whole of it is:
Brave 0.18.36
rev 7ab85e9
Muon 4.3.22
libchromiumcontent 61.0.3163.79
V8 6.1.534.32
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 17.0.0
OS Architecture x64


I’m having this same (or a similar) issue: I clean-installed High Sierra on an iMac and plunked my Brave folder back in Application Data. All the saved passwords are gone, and when I am prompted to save them again (which isn’t always), they won’t.

I believe others have discussed issues with restoring passwords, but I’d be fine just being able to re-save them at this point. Here’s my info:

Brave 0.19.80
rev 7d07299
Muon 4.5.13
libchromiumcontent 62.0.3202.75
V8 6.2.414.36
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 17.2.0
OS Architecture x64