Mac OS X - upgrade is never deferrable ("Quit" and "Later" do not work)


(updated to reflect both use cases)

When Brave offers an update, you cannot effectively defer the upgrade.
If you quit the app -or- use “Later”, the app restarts itself (and upgrades itself).

Downloaded Brave-0.18.36.dmg
upgrade to 0.19.70 and 0.19.80

Quit - tested twice -> upgrade to 0.19.70
Later -tested once -> upgrade to 0.19.80

I’m assuming (for now) its the same underlying codepath… you can split this if you need to.

Looking at the updateLog.log, I do see:

- Update URL: Wed Dec 31 1969 16:00:00 GMT-0800 (PST)

each time the update ran.


Thanks for reporting. This issue is logged and can be tracked here

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