Mac OS 10 - Command-H Not Working and Fullscreen Default


Hi, I’m using OS 10.12.3 and Brave 0.13.2, and I noticed two apparent changes from 0.13.1:

  1. Brave is now defaulting to full screen - my menu bar at top of screen and dock at bottom of screen vanish when I open Brave, and I have to hover to get them to show up (screenshot attached). I prefer having them visible at all times, but I can’t find a setting for this. Is it possible to change the view?

  2. The Mac ⌘-H key combination to hide the app isn’t working with Brave 0.13.2. Could this feature be restored? I use it a lot. Thanks!


Thanks for reporting. I created issues for you on GitHub:

Please feel free to fill in other information if you have the GitHub account.



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