Mac keyboard cmd shortcuts toggle browser (unintented)



I am running the latest OS X software and the latest version of Brave browser. Been using the Brave browser with great statisfaction.
However, one thing is becoming really annoying and making use uneffective for me personally.
So hoping someone can help out.

Whenever I use keyboard shortcuts that involve the command key. Command + …
It will toggle my browser to the first, or a different screen, depending which numerical key follows after command. Preventing me from using the commands i’m intending to use. For example. I want to make a screenshot of a specific selection of the screen. I use cmd + 1 for this. It will activate my apple command. But also send outs a command to the Brave browser. Moving it to my first tab. While i’m intending to screenshot the tab im currently on. I use

How do I disable these commands for the Brave browser. Could not find the option at the settings. But perhaps I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance!


Mac commands interfer with brave commands

Anyone? Or is it just not possible (yet?) to alter to keyboard shortcut commands within the Brave browser?


Please also post your Brave information from the about:Brave page.


Ironically screenshotting it gave me difficulties again, due to the commands :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps out…


To make it more clear.

I need a option to change the shortcuts, or remove, of the following brave browser commands:



Hi @TommyQ

I saw you entered an issue on github which is great. As far as I know, keyboard shortcuts cannot currently be changed in Brave, so I made some additions to your github issue (I linked back to this post, and added some labels) so that development can review.

I do have a question for you - do you have custom keyboard shortcuts set up?



Hi @LaurenWags

That is very kind. Thanks.
I have indeed customized the keyboard shortcuts on my mac…


Some news on this issue?

Still a huge pain in daily use…


Hi @TommyQ

Any updates will be in the github issue itself (

We get asked when things are going happen relatively frequently, so one of our employees wrote up a post on the subject which provides some general insight:


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