Lower part of UI elements in top bar not click-able/selectable


I could not find anything relating to this problem, forgive me if it was previously mentioned and I just couldn’t find it:

When pointing at UI elements in the top bar including: the address bar, password manager and Brave shield icon, minimize, maximize/restore and close buttons, only the top ~50% of the element is click-able.
For the lower half clicking is the same as simply pointing next to the element. The mouse cursor also does not change to indicate the underlying element.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Launch Brave
  2. Click lower half of the adress bar / other UI element

Expected result:
Text in the adress bar is selected, new information can be typed. / the button is clicked and the associated action is performed.

Actual result:
Nothing happens. -Note that double click restores/maximizes the window.

Brave details:
Brave: 0.15.1
rev: ea5024d1f3e47d34de79b70e3cd74f1408c985ce
Muon: 2.58.8
libchromiumcontent: 58.0.3029.81
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 6.1.7601
os.arch: x64


Could you record a gif image of this? You can use Licecap (http://www.cockos.com/licecap/) which is a free tool. Not very clear from the description given.


I’ve used Licecap as suggested, I hope these images provide clarification. The top part of the elements work as intended, but the bottom part cannot be clicked/used. See the cursor change and highlighting of buttons.
In other words, to enter something in the address bar, the middle or upper part needs to be clicked.

(Note that this was done on a clean install too, and is not caused by slowness of the PC. Hovering the cursor over the element from the top immediately activates it until it passes over the lower half.)

Please let me know if further information is required.


I experience something similar with the address bar but it doesn’t appear to be height. I have a gif, when the address bar text is highlighted (either from clicking a tab for the first time or manually highlighting it all) there is a random delay between the time it’s highlighted and when you can click a part of the highlighted text in order to edit the text in the address bar.


This is an issue with the second click on URL bar being not registered. The issue is captured and can be tracked here

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