Low performance Brave 0.21.24 vs Chrome 65.0.3325.181



Opening a chrome with more than 8 tabs ( memorated) + tones of bookmars take around 3 seconds.
Opening Brave with no tabs memorated and no bookmars, take more than 5 seconds. Also frequently makes some lag on having more tabs open ( lag on pc resources not internet loading).

I have OS - Windows 10 Profesional 64.
Pc: Procesor Intel I5 ( 7h generation @2.50 GH) + 8 GB RAM + NvidiaGeforce GTX 1050 TI ( No SSD)

It is frustrating to use Brave when Chrome is “abviously” a better performance. If the differences where smaller and could not be human percepted this would not be a problem.


There is an issue logged for improve startup time

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