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So recently I was using brave on Android with fingerprint protection disabled
Ran a couple of fingerprinting test using a php script on my private forum & also did some test from panopticlick.eff.org and results were same. Browser UA strings, OS version, Device model, Manufacturing batch & what not. Every thing was same [i.e actual User Data].
P.S note that I ran these tests using 2 different android [Kitkat 4.4.2 & Nougat 7.0] & an iOS

Then I enabled “fingerprint protection” & ran all the tests again. Suprisingly, enabling it didnt make much of a difference. It showed Legit Device UA string, Device OS version & rest of the data that an actual “fingerprint protection” should do. I myself own a small forum & as the admin, I collect user’s data [like browser, OS, time, IP, resolution, fonts, plugins…etc] for security reasons. Most of these arent spoof. For a fact, i know brave failed to provide a reliable fingerprinting protection.

These are some features that every user, if not all, look in a feature like fingerprint protection when turned it on:

_> A common OS [WIndows 6.1 for PCs, Android 5.0 in Android]
_> A common UA string [Just like the TOR browser does]
_> A common browser version
_> Spoof Device model & Batch Number [if any]
_>Blocking Access to sites that read battery status & time set on device [Yandex browser for Android does this thing good with a little bit of tweek]
The list goes long.

I would definitely love some changes regarding better privacy that make sence in upcoming brave updates.

Thank You!

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Hi @BOB-vagene

Unsure if you’ve seen this item we have about Fingerprinting. You may (or may not :slight_smile: ) find it interesting/helpful: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/wiki/Fingerprinting-Protection-Mode



Interesting. However, fingerprinting protection Is a critical feature especially for a browser which has core focus on User’s privacy. Brave, at the moment [as of March 2018] definitely doesn’t have a top notch fingerprinting protection which is disappointing. All I can do is expect that brave’s fingerprinting protection improves over a period of time.

You can close the thread now.

P.S. thank you for the above link :slight_smile:

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