Low community activity

We (Community Ninja) are just normal people, like yourself. As such, not like we’ll be added to the payroll or receive any money. That doesn’t mean to say they haven’t sent merchandise, like shirts and all, as them showing gratitude. I know I am set up as a Creator where people can tip me via https://twitter.com/saoiray or https://www.reddit.com/user/saoiray but that’s up to Users if they want to.

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I had no idea that I could tip you, that’s good to know, thanks for the suggestion.

I also noticed that Brave doesn’t have any social media like Vivaldi, Chrome, and Firefox have :confused:

What do you mean?








BAT Brigade on Discord and BAT Community are mainly handled by BAT Ambassadors and not directly by Brave. But people from Brave are involved and host a lot of official events through them as well

Actually, BAT Community and BAT Brigade has a lot of events you can participate in to get free crypto and all too. Not to mention some exclusive stuff. It’s awesome to be part of if you like crypto and Brave.

And I also don’t get emails about this community replies and I enabled them :confused:

It doesn’t show in search

Thank you for replying here — you’ve summed everything up quite nicely, appreciate it.

Going to close this thread though as I’m not sure it serves much purpose.

@Fannste94, as @Saoiray stated — we do not have a huge support staff and are doing the best we can across all the different support channels we have to manage.

As such, we encourage our Community here to help each other and are fortunate enough to have people like @Saoiray (among others) on here frequently to respond to some of the threads we’re unable to get to.

If you have an actual issue with the browser, please feel free to open a thread and provide as much info surrounding the issue as you can and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you