Low audio volume on Youtube and Twitch

My audio on Youtube and Twitch is super low to the point of barely being able to hear anything despite having my PC’s volume and the page’s volume at max. I’ve checked on a different browser and the the phone apps with the volume maxed out same headphones and I nearly got my ears destroyed both times. I do not know what’s causing this. I’m on a laptop with Windows 10.

Hello @Toomay

when you play any video on brave try to check in the lower right the setting of your sound it next to your clock in the task bar

hope that help and have a nice day

@justsomeone1 I already checked that, even at a 100% it’s still super low. As I already mentioned with the sound settings at max in another browser I have to turn the audio down inmediatly because it’s pretty loud

did you tried to click the sound icon in your task manager and check that brave is set to max there

as in this screenshoot

make sure all are set max

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