Lost Syncronisation

i unfortunately lost my sync chain from my android device, unintentionally uninstalling the app from the smartphone, before i could reconnect my new macbook air to the chain.
Being the smartphone, at that moment, the only device (Android) connected in the chain, I now find myself with nothing to synchronize, having therefore lost all bookmarks, passwords and even open tabs. Is there any way to recover the lost data?
All the devices was and are updated to the last OS versions, and installed with the la Brave version for Android and MacOS.

Please Help!!

I saved important data on the chain!!

Most likely your data is inaccessible now. If you had the sync phrase you could’ve been able to restore the data.

I recovered the security phrase but it tells me it’s expired!!

@TrAsT I always divert people to warning first, but then it also provides a solution in it. Check link below and read it in its entirety.

And also keep in mind if the sync phrase you have is too old, it might not even work with the solution mentioned in that link.

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