Lost some BATs when recovered my wallet

I was using brave on Windows 10 and I had 2.3 BATs on walled and 5.65 BATs pending rewards. I saved my recovery key then installed Elementary OS (Linux) and used that key to restore my wallet. I restored the 2.3 BATs on wallet successfully but I only got 4.70 BATs pending rewards instead of 5.65. Here are screenshots before and after the recovery process.71492842_369213504031779_8141085280930103296_n Screenshot%20from%202019-09-19%2001-38-04

it is has something to do with binded and unbinded token. your ads contribution gets bound sometime during the week. So the 4.70BAT is the value you had when the last Bind took place. Sorry about the BAT lost. @mattches could step in and clear things better.

So? I think it’s logical to give them back

this is one of the reason that wallets don’t sync currently. If you return to the original system that had it till would be just fine

@Abohassan this is a welcome good news to your issue.