Lost secondary account in new brave wallet

Description of the issue: My “Account 2” is missing. I was about to use my brave wallet and realized that I had to restore it because brave had upgraded to a new wallet. So I used my seed phrase and got access to my Account 1, however my other account is missing. I had two accounts in my brave wallet and I would like to access the funds on both accounts. I can still see the other in etherscan, but I can’t access it via my brave wallet. How can I gain access to my another account which was in the same wallet? Both accounts were using the same seed phrase.

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?
It seems like I don’t have an option to use the old wallet, I would happily go back. I didn’t asked for the change that now left me out of my coins.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I don’t know

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Are you using both a pc and mobile device? Ifso, from what I understand, as of now there is no way to link the two wallets but they can be synced. PC allows bat sent to Gemini, mobile does not and required uphold with a minimum 15 bat.

To confirm the behavior here, when you say you restored your wallet, you went through the process to do this in the new Wallet onboarding?

@Mattches Importing from existing Crypto Wallet doesn’t require a seed phrase. Since OP said -

I think he didn’t followed procedure for Crypto Wallets and Restored directly with the seed phrase. However, as it says here-

All Primary accounts should recover but I can also confirm that Seed Phrase only recovers First Account both in Meatmask and in Brave wallet (New).

@azteksson You can access old wallet. Go to brave://settings/wallet and change Default cryptocurrency wallet to Crypto wallets (deprecated). If you get access to your old accounts, make sure you save private keys for each account this time to be able to restore them later.

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Thank you @Aman_M ! Yeah, I could get “access” to the second account changing the settings to Crypto wallet (deprecated), however I can figure out how to save (get) the private key from there. What I meant by “access” is that I can only see the second account if I go the brave menu and then click in “wallet”, however, if I use the wallet extension, it only shows Account 1, so I can’t actually connect Account 2 anywhere. It seems like the extension is not loading the deprecated wallet, since I have to use my password for opening the wallet in the browser and then again for using the extension.

I’ve read the Wallet onboarding procedure and I don’t see why I should have created a new wallet and then imported my old wallet. I mean, I already have a wallet. However, is this what should be done so I can get access to both of my accounts? At this point I can’t really used my Account 2 yet since I can only see in the browser and not in the wallet extension, and since it doesn’t come up in the wallet extension, then I can’t connect it to exchange.

Additional comments would be appreciated :slight_smile:

In Crypto wallet (deprecated), click on three dots and go to Account details. This will give you Private Keys for your account.

Just to confirm, wallet extension opens New Brave Wallet, right (even when Crypto wallet (deprecated) is selected as an extension)? Old wallet wasn’t available as extention and new wallet is. I think that’s why.

However, if you can, switch back to Brave Wallet (prefer extensions) in brave://settings/wallet once and just Add another Account here (doen’t matter what you name it)- brave://wallet/crypto/accounts. And you should get access to your same Account 2.

This means whenever you will restore (with the seed phrase and Not Private Keys), you will start with Account 1 but if you add more accounts, wallet will derive same account addresses.

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Thanks @Aman_M! yeah, it seems like after enabling Crypto wallets (deprecated) the old brave wallet icon was enabled(appeared), which was a bit confusing since you end up with two wallet icons, one for the old wallet and one for the new one. Anyway, I manage to get the private key, switched back to Brave Wallet (prefer extensions), and then added a new account using the private key. I tried just adding the account, but it didn’t derive the account address so that’s why I ended up using the private key. It’s all working now, thanks!