Lost saved password

okay like I had multiple accounts on a website and I changed the password to the main account, but it asked to update my other account and the usernames are super super similar so me, being stup-d, updated to the wrong account and nooow I lost my alt account cus I didn’t have the password saved (it may have been gibberish) I just wanna know if there’s any way to recover the password… btw me also being stup-d there was nothing linked to the alt, no email or anything. any advice appreciated

Hey there, so sorry to hear about this. I don’t think it is possible to recover old passwords. Try remembering the password. Don’t take my answer as the ultimate solution though, there could be people who can help you better but this is all I can help I guess. Cheers!

Maybe you could try the classic forgot password feature (every site has it) recovering through email link.

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