Lost restore after restarting


Hi there,

So I just rebooted, & when I launched several of my profiles, the restore never loaded & I lost all my tabs since there’s no way to load tons of tabs in the history (I wish there was a checkbox for selecting all) without clicking each one one at a time which I just won’t do.

Plus I had like 5 different windows of tabs in one profile & I’m pretty sure I lost them all except whatever is in the history.

That’s never happened to me before.

Only one profile loaded as normal.

When you look (on any profile) here, do you see your closed tabs? They appear as a tab “group” and, when clicked, will open a new window with any associated tabs loaded in it:

Ok, I looked on at least 4 profiles under history & nope, that’s not there. It only lists the recently closed which doesn’t let me click on it, & then individual sites which I assume are from now after I opened them manually.

Hmm that’s very strange.
So I don’t know why this happened – I’ve reached out to some devs to see if they can shed some light.

Great thanks, & can you respond to my question on that other Disquis thread about Uphold?

I really need to get this fixed.

Take care

@Mattches - I still need a manager at Uphold.

I’ve had at least 5 different people respond to my one ticket, no one knows what’s going on over there, no one reads what I write, one person says one thing, then the next person says another or responds to my initial complaint days later, it’s just ridiculous.

I wrote you about this & my post on here got deleted which I’m not happy about & I mentioned this to you 2 days ago & you didn’t respond.

Can you please address this.

Thank you

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I’m confused – you mean that you made a topic regarding your situation w/Uphold and it was deleted?

I guess so. It said it was held for moderation & then I asked you to approve it & I don’t see it anywhere, do you?

@Mattches - can you please respond to the issue re: Uphold.

Now there’s like 5 different people all responding to my ticket there & they don’t read what I wrote or they don’t understand English, they are all telling me to do something else, it’s driving me insane.

I’ve asked for a manager 3 times now.

For the Uphold issue – I see that it was rejected by the system. I apologize for that. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what the issue w/Uphold is for you since I don’t work there. What I would suggest, is that if you’re staunchly against the cell phone, you can download the Authy Desktop app and use that instead of the mobile version.

I do understand your frustration, but coming from experience, the issue a user is encountering is not always clear, and the steps to get it resolved (sometimes even just “progressed”) are not always straight forward. As frustrating as it may be, my advice would be to follow their instructions (again) and take notes on your experience/where their gaps in support are and submit the feedback to them. It may seem ridiculous to have to do, but giving them detailed feedback through the proper channels will be 10x more effective than venting the frustrations to the support reps during the troubleshooting.


  1. Download the Authy Desktop app so you don’t have to use your phone
  2. Take any pictures/images ahead of time so that you only have to upload the image, not take it in real time.
  3. Be patient with the Uphold team.


Thanks for getting back to me.

So I don’t have patience for stupidity. Sorry. I know when someone understands something & they don’t & this was just a nightmare. I knew their site was broken (it wasn’t accepting the 2FA code twice) & I shouldn’t have to waste my time due to their site issues.

In fact I talked to my website coder & he said he’s never had an issue where the 2FA code doesn’t work. He’s not using Uphold, he’s talking in general.

Just to be clear, I wasn’t saying no to using my cell phone for getting the 2FA code, I was saying no to logging into Uphold with my cell phone. That’s what they were telling me to do. I don’t think they know what they are talking about.

Either that or they just assume the entire world doesn’t own a computer & uses a terrible cell phone.

So I had no idea Authy had a desktop version. Thanks for that.

I DLed it, then went to Uphold to login & BAMM, I got in without the 2FA code LOL

Too much. It looks like they removed the 2FA from my account which was causing their issues.

On another note, I have multiple profiles & I’ve noticed when Brave sends me money, I don’t get money from each of the different profiles.

I only see 2 different deposits.

Can you explain why?



I still never got a response to this question…

Because each profile has it’s own Rewards wallet with their own individual ID. As such, each of these would have to be verified w/ your Uphold account. Note that you may only have four browser instances and/or profiles connected to the same Uphold account.

Hi @Mattches ,

Sorry I never saw this until now.

I have verified each profile with Uphold & I’m not getting the rewards from each one.

I have between 8-10 profiles active at any one given time.

Can we fix this issue pls.

Also for July I noticed that when I’d open a new tab that it wouldn’t ask me to claim my rewards, so there’s that issue too.



There is a max limit of 4 browser instances you can associate with your Uphold account. So you may only be seeing Rewards for four of the 8-10 profiles you have, which would be expected given the limit.

@Mattches - ok, but doesn’t that mean that I should be seeing 4 deposits per month?

@Mattches - did you see my last question?



Can you tell me why you aren’t responding back? It’s been 10 days.


I’m very sorry for the late response – I’ve sent you a DM with further instruction.

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