Lost Pending BAT, Please Help

I accidentally Uninstalled Brave from my phone while changing settings and trying to clear the cache. When I reinstalled it, I lost all my pending rewards and cannot relink my wallet (I get an error saying at least 25 BAT required when clicking verify wallet).

I am using Android 10.

Is there anyway to recover my pending rewards and to reconnect my wallet? Luckily I took a screenshot before doing anything and I had a balance of 18.79 pending rewards. Please help.

No, you can’t recover, as u have uninstalled sadly recover option was not there for smartphone!

I am also not receiving any Brave Ads since the reinstalling it… Can an admin please help with any of the issues?

Same here thats why i posted this issue.
This issue comes in the version on 1.12.113
Earlier version there are no issues on my second phone receiving ads normally because I haven’t updated the app on 2nd phone

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Sad to here this…

All the bat data is stored in internal files. So you can’t get them back even after installing it :thinking: @ajc3636

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