Lost November Rewards

I had like 4$ worth BAT for the November month but now it just shows 0 and payment dates like Jan?. My uphold is verified . Is someone else facing this too?


I am facing this exact same problem.
The countdown that used to show up earlier, is now not showing up on the reward page.

same and my next payment is 1st August while next month is Jan ??

Exactly bro I am also facing he same problem here…

just normal month switch over–the BAT will get sent to a verfied wallet for Nov, that you had earned. And its on to the next month…the rewards summary will update later saying expect a " certain amunt you earned" will be sent on or bye Dec 7th usually–then sometimes its takes a few days from there to chow up in places like Gemini or Uphold

Hi everyone. It’s a new month (December 1st). Therefore, your counters will reset for the new month. You should see a countdown in the UI appear shortly.