Lost my college fee with my account being under review😔

I have been using brave since more than a year. I had advertised brave in social media as well. I decided to withdraw all my earning via brave that was approximately 245 BAT till yesterday to pay my college fee. Everything was okay until yesterday. Today brave had to deposit it to my uphold account and suddenly you are saying the account is under review. 245 BAT may be a small amount for you but it was so much important for a middle class person like me to pay my college fee. I feel so helpless and disheartened. I am loyal user of brave browser. I kept using it Everytime and also suggested my every friend to use brave. But when it was the actual time to pay to my dedication, you suddenly say I challenged your security which I haven’t. Please brave,Please help me.

Have you emailed suspensions@brave.com to explain the situation? The staff don’t handle suspensions here in the community.

After reading various people getting suspended feels like the review process couldn’t be less transparent and is basically “we flag anybody we want and good luck to prove your good faith”.

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The flagging is an automated process that was started when there was a high number of people attempting to scam the system. I’m sure the algorithm is in serious need of updating and refining. The other issue is that there are VERY few Brave staff to handle thousands of requests for help (not just regarding suspensions), so the review process is very slow.

HI @Narayan, please DM me the email linked to your account. If you haven’t already send an email to Suspensions@brave.com. Thank you.

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