Lost my BAT when i verified my wallet

I lost my 8 BAT when i verified my wallet. I restored my wallet but nothing, just the pending amount ive earned so far this month. Will i be able to get it back?

Why did you restore your wallet? all you need to do is wait for your BAT in your wallet, once you verified your wallet your BAT automatically goes to the address of you put in brave browser . And theres a monthly payment date ,you will need to wait first.

I restored my wallet because it did not verify after one month of being verified by uphold. Know one from Brave was helping me to solve the issue so I created a new Brave but had the same uphold and my Brave wallet verified straight away. Only the pending Brave
that I’ve earned so far this month restored not the BAT that was in my unverified wallet.

What type of gdget did you use? If you use a mobile for brave you cannot widraw your BAT until brave admins or moderators fix the problem. As of now all mobile users like me is waiting for brave mobile update. Then if you use a computer/laptop you cant get any problem transfering or widraw your BAT.

I’m using my laptop. The problem was i couldn’t verify my wallet even though i was verified with uphold for a couple months, that’s why i started a new Brave thinking i could restore everything.

See the bug post here: Bug Notice: BAT disappearing from balance after upgrade to Brave v1.3

Thank you for your reply Asad that bug notice answered my questions. I hope you and BAT team are doing well with the covid-19 virus out there.

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