Lost my BAT when i had to re-install windows

Had to re-install brave browser when i re-installed windows.

I only had between 10-15 BAT so i had been unable to “verify” my wallet and add a key to it. Can i get these back, would be a real shame to have lost them.


There is unfortunately no way to get them back. In addition, in the future you need no minimum BAT requirement for PC anymore. Only mobile.

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Unfortunately, when you re-install brave you lose the rewards from your previous browser.

@HighPriestess42 You still need min 15 BAT to verify through Uphold if you do not wish to use Gemini ??

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There is no minimum if you verify a wallet using a PC. This includes Uphold and Gemini. the 15 BAT minimum is only if you try and connect a new Uphold account to mobile. Currently Gemini not available for mobile until sometime in 2022.

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when you want to uninstall brave
send your bat token any verified creator person

Ah, okay. I was verified before gemini and before a min requirement, so had no idea. Thnx

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