Lost my BAT rewars

I started using it 2 days ago, had 0.5 bat, i was “happy”, but now there is 0. I just opened the browser and it’s lost.


Same to me bro.
I recive the ads , I view it and after that no rewards.

Thank you for reporting! Please DM me your Rewards Internals (brave://rewards-internals/), OS, Brave version and a screenshot of your Rewards panel. This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

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Don’t worry,it keeps on fluctuating,not only to you,


I’m worried that I may lose it when I have more BAT, I assumed what you say, but I want to make sure I can use it with ease. Ty, saludos! :slight_smile:


I have also lost all my BAT

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Same here bro, been using it almost for a month, this is a joke.


I have been using and promoting this browser for over a year now and I had around 165 Bats and they are now ALL gone after trying to verify my wallet.

What I did is :

  1. Backup my seed.
  2. Re-install my browser so it updates
  3. Recover using my seed phrase.
  4. No more bats.

What can I do to get them back?

PS: I had to re-install because from what I had read from this forum was that it needed to be a complete re-install otherwise the ‘‘verify’’ wouldn’t work.

IT DID work but it DID NOT give me my BATS back.