Lost my bat point suddenly help mr

Yesterday I had 9 bat point, what this morning I wake up and start my PC, and it reduced to only in 2 bats please help me to understand that what is happening ?

Where did it say that you had 9 BAT? If you saw it on a new tab page card (see image for reference) then those numbers are not exact and are just estimates. They are subject to change.

If this is BAT in your Brave Wallet found at brave://rewards/ – then I’m just as puzzled as you and we’ll have to wait for someone from Brave staff to come and troubleshoot it with you.

Best of luck, hope I helped and hope your issue gets resolved soon!

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Thanku but i am in doubt

Sorry to hear that. Could you explain your thoughts and feelings? (ie: why you are “in doubt”?) And could you try taking screen shots so that Brave support staff can better understand your situation?

If you copy paste brave://rewards/ into your URL bar and click enter you will see what I was speaking about above. You can also reach this by clicking the BAT icon and clicking “rewards settings.”

To see your own version of my above screenshot open a new tab and check the far right side of the screen, below the clock. If it’s not there you have hidden that card. In that case I’d be happy to assist you in turn that card back on.

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