Lost memonimic phrase cause my laptop stolen

I lost my laptop today and i dont have my memonimic phrase please help me for acces to my wallet in brave rewards browser

Thanks for reaching out @Bahrumi.
Did you talking about in-browser wallet under brave://rewards? Or your publisher “wallet” on publishers.brave.com?

If the first one, I’m not sure if it’s possible. If you don’t have/create the back-up phrase, then I think it’s not possible to recover your browser wallet.

But let me cc @Mattches @LaurenWags on this.

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If your passphrase is gone and you don’t have have access to the machine the data was on then yes, at this point there’s no way to recover that data AFAIK. Unless @LaurenWags or @Asad knows something I don’t.

@Mattches is correct. We have this documented in one of our FAQs, https://brave.com/faq/#lost-wallet - specifically the second paragraph:

“It is important to note that it is your sole responsibility to store these codes in a safe and secure place (or perhaps multiple places) for safekeeping, since neither Brave Software, Uphold, nor anyone else is able to recover the funds in your Brave wallet if you lose these codes, so choose the place or places you store your anonymized recovery codes wisely.”


So how to the best way to solve this issue? I’ve been veriefied for publisher and i csn login onto my brave as publisher dashboard but i cant open brave in my wallet brave browser

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