Lost half my brave rewards after windows reinstall

I had an issue similar to this. When I claimed my rewards for the month of June I lost around 150 BAT, it shows all the amounts that I have earned under “grants” but the total is only 82, and it should be around 250. Please help!

@eljuno any thoughts?

Hi @25clubsoda25 @Ashlyn86 - please DM me your rewards internals? I can take a look.

Hi, where do I find those?

I am wondering as well where to find them

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found it, you need to put chrome://rewards-internals in your url

also thank you so much steeven!

Ok i found it, how do.i DM?

you need to click on the persons name and click on the orange message button.

Ok I sent the info, thanks for all your help!

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@steeven did you have any luck looking into this? I am still only showing 82.3 bat. Let me know if you need more info from me. Thanks


Hi. @Ashlyn86 - working through my DM’s right now. Thank you for your patience.

hi @steeven, Would you look at the messages I sent about payment?

Hi @steeven, any luck?

@25clubsoda25 - did you send a DM?

@steeven are you having any luck yet? I have seen no changes on my end.

HI @Ashlyn86 - please DM if you haven’t already.

DM’d you an updated shreenshot as well

I thought I did, I just sent the full brave://rewards-internals/ to you now!

hi @steeven any news?