Lost folder in bookmarks

on dell laptop with windows 11

@daustin100 It helps us if you would please provide all the information that Brave asks when you try to create a subject. It seems you completely erased the template and have told us almost nothing, where all we can do is ask a million questions.

So let’s try to simplify things here by getting the two most important things out of the way.

  1. What version of Brave are you using?

  2. What are you saying happened?

Yes, I know you put “lost folder in bookmarks.” But that could mean you created it and forget where. Did you delete it? Did you lost it after importing from another browser? Is it one you created in Brave? Have you recently installed any extensions, created a new profile, or anything of the sort?

So as much detail about where the folder was, what you’ve done recently, and whatever else will help to be able to find a solution.


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