Lost estimated BAT after clearing history

Hi all,
I’ve only Just started using Brave, so I’m sure I did something incorrect, but …

I had collected some small fraction of a BAT. After configuring the browser to erase history and closing it, according to the dashboard I have lost all the estimated BAT and all record of the ads viewed.

What did I do wrong? What history do I need to keep so that rewards are not lost?


By any chance did you accidentally hit the reset brave rewards data when you were in your history settings? I have clear cache, cookies and browsing data on exit set and nothing has ever affected my rewards page.


I don’t think I clicked on that, but I guess it’s a possibility. However, I used the browser for some time after I set it to erase on exit. I am certain that I had a fraction of BAT accumulated when I shut down last night. This morning when I started the browser again I found that I had nothing.


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