Lost data in browser

Lost all my bookmarks and extensions and other settings after this pink and purple ball showed up in the upper right hand corner. Something about a profile. How do I restore all former browser settings? Looked for a computer restore to a time a few hours earlier in order to restore the browser but this version of windows won’t allow it.

You likely went into a different profile. In upper right corner, there will some pink design thing. Click on it, and select Person 1. You will go to your old original profile.

Thank you. I did try that after I realized what happened. And nothing happened. All bookmarks disappeared so I’m adding back what I can from memory.
I appreciate it.

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I would suggest start a sync chain. It will store your bookmarks on brave servers in encrypted format. If you lose them again, you can just take them back from sync chain.

Or you can use Xbrowsersync extension available on chrome store.

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