Lost Brave Windows and Tabs During Recent Windows Update

Been happy using Brave for a year now. Workload has about 10 Brave Windows open with an average of 7 to 8 tabs each window. It’s a way I organize work and I also use bookmark folders for windows not used frequently.

With about 10 Brave Windows open, I usually minimize all but two or three to switich back and forth easily. Clicking on Brave in the taskbar lists all the windows open so I can navigate easily to any Brave window that is minimized.

Usually when rebooting, Brave restores all window sessions.

During the recent Microsoft update, Brave restored two windows and their tabs but failed to restore eight windows that had been minimized. Minimization may be irrelevant and perhaps Brave restored the last two active windows.

I downloaded Session Buddy for Brave as a reaction to losing so many windows. I’ve used Session Buddy in the past under Chrome and it worked great but it wasn’t available for Brave earlier in the year and Brave seemed to be handling all my organization preferences.

But I would appreciate if anyone knows how to find lost Brave windows caused by a Microsoft update. Thanks in advance.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

**Brave Version( check About Brave): [Version 1.1.20 Chromium: 79.0.3945.74 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Additional Information:

I don’t know how to fix it, but I did have that problem too. It looks like what happened is that there was an issue with the Windows update on my computer. Instead of my usual account, it created .000 and copied over all of my files to this new directory. I can’t get any of my playlists to work and programs that relied on files being in one particular place aren’t working right. I lost some progress on files I was reading and access to some of my music playlists.

When I looked in this new .000 file, almost everything was gone. I’m not sure how to find my old tabs again.

A safe way to duplicate the problem is to create a windows account for testing:

  1. Start the Brave browser
  2. Create several Brave windows each with multiple tabs
  3. Minimize one window, leave all others showing on the desktop.
  4. Reboot
    5, Click on Brave in the taskbar or Windows desktop.
  5. All the windows that were left up without minimization will open but the one that was minimized will be missing.

The above was duplicated by me. So it indicates the restart routine is ignoring minimized Brave windows. One would think this shouldn’t be as the minimized windows are active in the background.

Perhaps someone familiar with the open source code can put up the relevant part of code that controls which windows are started on restart.

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