Lost brave rewards March 6, not credited to my verified Uphold wallet!

Lost brave rewards, not credited to my verified Uphold wallet

all three browser on my PC and Linux machines are showing different values and my uphold account only holds the 48 displayed on the Windows browser

What is your Brave version?

been using coinbase since 2017 :wink: thanks though

Can you update it to the latest version 1.5.x @travelboots?

I just did. same numbers and nothing got credited to my uphold wallet

also thanks for looking into it

After cleaning chrome cache and cookies, my brave bats went to zero.

OS: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3
Chrome version: 80.0.3987.149
Brave version: 1.4.96

any update on the case? i still havent received my february rewards…

Per Issue syncing wallets using Uphold is now fixed it should works with the latest version.

cc @steeven @asad @mattches for additional information

i have updated but the rewards arent credited to my Uphold wallet from the two Linux browsers :frowning:

any insight? still nothing ;S

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