Lost bats when connecting to uphold

Hi, i had 9 BATs on my computer, i decided to connect this computer to my uphold wallet to add those 9 BATs to and i lost all my BATs when i did.
I tried logging out but it says i have 0 BATs now.

Help me pls. Must be a bug.


This happened to me too. I had 35 BAT, now it’s all gone. All that clicking for nothing. It was all a lie to increase their user base.

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Bro i think u wait some time when I connected my wallet I recieved my bat in uphold

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How long did it take? Did your balance drop to zero before it reappeared?

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Wait 2 or 3 days bro i think u will get your bat

I guess we will see. Thanks for the input.

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you also don’t need to click the ads to get the rewards

I have waited so far 10 days since linking my account and having my balance reset to 0, bat that I had in the browser wallet has still not appeared in uphold.

Hi JONNY4 and welcome

It does take time for payments to move across the blockchain so that may be an issue to bear in mind. Also, linking your browser to Uphold (or Gemini) is not the same as being logged into that wallet on the browser. So, if you have linked your browser to Uphold but aren’t logged into Uphold wallet on your browser, payments will still go to Uphold as your browser is linked to it, but you wont see them in your wallet / token balance shown on the browser until you reconnect to the Uphold wallet.

hope this helps and also hope you see the BAT in your Uphold wallet sooner rather than later

Well that doesn’t bode well.

I setting up uphold wallet in computer and phone and all mi bat are lost… I had more than $ 40 between the two…

Today same problem in work computer.

When i login with uphold wallet my funds in brave still lost…

I disconect uphold wallet and my funds are 0…

Before connect wallet:

After connect wallet:

After disconnect wallet:

same issue here. have been trying to transfer over ~220 BATs for over a year from an old laptop. i opened it back up today, thinking they must have patched the bug, and lost all ~220 BATs when i connected my uphold wallet… not a good look.

21.75 BAT is Disappered after linking with GEMINI what can i do bro its been 3 days…

Its been 15 days. Still not reveived my BAT + i dont win BAT anymore.
Still have ads but im stuck at the same amount of BATS since 2 weeks.

Hi, same issue for me. I logged into uphold after collecting 15 bats on Jan 8. However, my 15 bats disappered and my funds are 0. The same thing on my smartphone. When i watch my logs i have:

08/01/2022, 15:42:38 fetch_old_balance 0
08/01/2022, 15:42:38 wallet_status_change PENDING ==> VERIFIED
08/01/2022, 15:42:38 wallet_verified uphold/
08/01/2022, 15:42:37 wallet_status_change NOT_CONNECTED ==> PENDING
08/01/2022, 15:42:11 wallet_disconnected uphold/
08/01/2022, 15:42:11 wallet_status_change VERIFIED ==> NOT_CONNECTED
08/01/2022, 15:36:34 promotion_claimed 15.000000
08/01/2022, 15:36:33 wallet_status_change PENDING ==> VERIFIED
08/01/2022, 15:36:33 wallet_verified uphold/
08/01/2022, 15:36:32 fetch_old_balance 0

Same issue, i have same problem than u, i do same topic, and nobody never answser me …

The same thing happened to me. How long should we wait and what if it doesn’t happen?

maybe wait next monthly BAT distribution

No response from devs, looks like a scam…