Lost BAT tokens Today

All the pending rewards that were marked for payout today dissappeared
and there seems to be no CLAIM button
where did the payout tokens go
It happended on both of my Brave profiles

Any idea ??

That happens and is normal. Mine do not show either but this happens at the end of that estimated BAT appearing in ‘X’ days message. Just wait a week or so until the banner at the top of this site changes showing that payouts are complete or processed.

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Well Yes I got the Claim button today

I guess It should have not just dissappeared suddenly
it left me worried
plus it happened when i opened the browser and it said browser closed unexpectedly
thats what made me worry

human worries u know
the hard earned BAT tokens :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Thanks for ur reply tough

I like ur avatar :blush:

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