Lost bat or decreased BAT on my other Device from 3 bat to 0

I used to have 3.+ BAT my laptop link to my desktop and now its down to zero. Please Help

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Quit the browser, restart it… Quit your browser, restart laptop, restart, try…

You’re logged out of you wallet. Just log in and it’ll be there

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I tried loggin in to my wallet 4 to 5 times and I’ve been getting this prompt

That is quite strange. Either way your crypto is still in your wallet. Your wallet is just disconnected from brave. If you log into gemini from the app or browser you’ll see your crypto is there

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So this was answered correctly by @NotReef and I’m going to rephrase a bit for comfort and clarity. This part you’re showing is where Brave tends to access Gemini and show you what your existing balance would be. Since it’s showing you’ve been logged out, it’s just not retrieving your balance. But it should still be connected between Brave and Gemini on the back end for you to receive your BAT, it just won’t show you what’s in your Gemini wallet while you’re looking at it in the Brave Rewards tab until you’re able to Log In. If you go directly to Gemini, you should be able to Log In and will see your balance and other info.

This seems to be happening lately. Can you do a favor and share some information below:

  1. What operating system are you using?
  2. What version of Brave are you on? (most importantly, is it up-to-date?)
  3. What region are you in? (Asking as some have been impacted this way if they were in places like Russia, Vietnam, etc)
  4. Assuming nothing above is the issue, can you try clearing your cookies and see if it works? (NOTE: Keep in mind that this will log you out of any sites you told you remember you and might get rid of some site specific settings)

I lost too and I got 0.25 BAT from 3.75 earned.

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