Lost BAT on iPad

I went to transfer the BAT I had on my iPad to my desktop and they are nowhere to be found. I clicked on the triangle and it only shows content creator info, but none of the BAT I previously earned. Is this going to be fixed in an upcoming release per the IOS announcement from Dec. 10 or ???

Hello @Onyx13

they working on it


Thanks, just…will keep checking and hopefully fixed soon.

you welcome :slight_smile:

The QR code does not even show up for me. Also, can I use it multiple different times, I have an iPhone and an iPad that both need to be scanned.

I believe the QR Code shows up on your non-Apple device. My QR Code shows on my Brave Browser that I have on my Desktop (Windows), but have been unable to try/transfer BAT from my iPad, as they don’t show there anymore. Not 100% sure, but I bet you can use the QR Code for multiple Apple devices once they get the kinks worked out and your BAT shows…just a guess.

Still nothing here nor showing on my iPad. All BAT has disappeared and there are no options to transfer the BAT I had on my iPad to my desktop. Brave Support, can you help??

MODS: Any solution here???

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