Lost BAT in Brave Rewards wallet

I recently verified my gemini account and transferred my BAT from the browser. I then connected with a second browser (different OS) and the local BAT were lost and NOT transferred to Gemini. How do I get them back? Disconnecting from gemini shows zero bat now. These are the only 2 browser I have ever attempted to connect gemini with.

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It’s likely still transferring. It takes time. What happens is what we see as BAT in our browser when it’s not verified is actually called vBAT, which is like customer rewards points. When we Verify with a place, such as Gemini, that information is sent to them and they turn vBAT into BAT. The process is not instant, especially if you have done this during a payment period like we’re in now.

Depending on when you verified, you might see it appear in Gemini within a couple days or it might not appear until next month’s payout. Most likely it will appear relatively soon.

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