LOST BAT during brave update

Updated BRAVE and lost about 5 BAT from the rewards panel, only have 0.5 left :frowning: very sad.

edit: have to mention that my uphold wallet got disconnected with no reason. reconecting uphold was no problem besides the lost BAT in the browser

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Please share a screenshot of your rewards panel. Thank you.

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Hi Steeven, I don’t know how Brave got 1 BAT from my uphold account. Uphold said that was a tip made from brave, but in my account here in Brave, i don’t have any transactions, just the 1 BAT that Brave got from my Uphold accound “as a TIP” they said. But I didn’t any transactions. Please, what can I do?

Transaction ID: 88df2ed3-66b8-49b4-99af-4d246927f326

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