Lost BAT, didnt done format, reinstall, install new apps and it's gone

Hi, yesterday i’ve noticed that all my BAT are lost. There was not much… about 4-5BAT but still… where did it go? Nothing changed in my Mac. No new apps, no disc format.

Same With Me ;.i had 4 Bat and its says 1.5 bat arriving in 5 days ;

@Shree737 @hrryniu what Brave version are you currently using? Thanks.


For PC and laptops
Windows Os

Don’t worry guys after the new update there is an issue. It can solved by doing this.

  1. Open your brave browser
  2. Click on refresh button for 3 or 4 times
  3. Stay on the Brave browser for 30 to 40 seconds
  4. Now click on the refresh button again. Your pending bat tokens will show up definitely.

I tried it personally and worked fine for me.

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