Lost around 600 BAT when connected to Uphold on android

I’ll keep you updated as well, if I get some answers!

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I just got all my BAT tokens back! I got a bunch of emails from Uphold saying that I’ve received funds from Brave. I got over 300 tokens back and they were all put into my Uphold wallet. The weird thing is that I still never received a message from any support here or on reddit. So I guess that they are seeing the messages and working on the problems, just not responding back. It took about a month for it to happen, so stay patient. Message that Steeeven person on here and the mods on r/BATProject and r/brave_browser. I don’t know which one finally fixed the problem for me, but I’m glad someone did. I hope you get your tokens back soon!


Good for you @sirch618 . It’s already been a few months for me so I’m not going to hold my breath. I asked before here on the forums when it happened and got ignored, but then BAT wasn’t worth as much; so, nobody really cared to respond. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t respond to you here or on Reddit, though. Seems like if they were really trying to help anyone, they’d let them know.

@sirch618 Can please you post screenshot of receiving 300 tokens?

Did the email say that the rest of your BATs are gone, or just that only 15 made the jump? I just verified my wallet and lost everything. I am so confused how this could be going on for months now with no fix or end in site!

I have no clue why I never got a response either. For all I know, it could’ve been Uphold who fixed the problem, and everyone I contacted did nothing. But, I never contacted Uphold about the help, so I’m not sure if they would’ve known what was going on, without someone telling them? Since I’m in the dark to who fixed it and how it got fixed, the best advice I can give is to keep messaging people on here and Reddit.

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I received them in small increments

The emails were telling me that they were sending my lost BAT back into my Uphold account. When it first happened, only 10 BAT out of over 300 made the jump to Uphold.

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well, it is not Uphold who pays the Bat so is very unlikely he did something

What really sucks about all this is that Uphold is pretty much sitting on this BAT. The browser sent it to them, but they refuse to do anything about it and actually deposit in our accounts. I mean the devs made a mistake with a bug or forgot to mention that you have a limit of how many devices you can connect (and no way to tell if you’ve hit that limit), but Uphold just sits on the transfer. That’s why I’ve taken all my funds out of Uphold and will not use them. They’ve proven to me to not be trustworthy.

On the other side of the equation, the Brave devs/support are about in the same category for me since they’be pretty much ignored the issue and have done nothing to resolve it. That means either it’s intentional or nobody knows how to fix it. Both of those are pretty bad for a Browser/Platform that wants you to trust them they care about privacy and want to protect your data. If we can’t trust them then there is no privacy and you might as well consider your data sold to the advertisers.

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That’s a good point!

You’re right about all that. This is a problem that has been going on for way too long now, from what I’ve seen in all the other posts. If they want to force you to use Uphold to withdrawal your BAT, then it should be working properly. Bugs do come up, but those should be fixed immediately. Keep messaging them and you’ll get your tokens back soon too.

good, I hope @steveen helps us too

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We deployed a fix that successfully ported stuck BAT for a large number of users to their Uphold wallet. Glad this did the trick for you @sirch618!

@IggyBoo - has your issue also resolved?


It has not, @steeven . I checked in Uphold to verify and no transactions have been made.

The fix worked for me. Thank you @steeven! @IggyBoo I hope yours comes though.

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I suspect it won’t since this was an issue that affected me last year when I finally linked my UpHold wallet on my Android phone after an update. Honestly, I’ve written it off at this point. I’m just sorry to see that the “bug” is still there and they are still not warning users that there is a limit on how many devices they can link with UpHold or that even UpHold is not providing a way to inform users that they have hit the device limit and to manage their devices. It’s not like these are two brand new services that just launched. I mean, I can kinda give them a pass if this was a year or two ago, but it’s long since passed the point where I think anyone wants to fix it.

It sucks it has taken this long for you and still isn’t fixed. At least we know now that they are working on problems and fixing them, and not just ignoring us. Steeven knows that you still haven’t gotten your tokens back, so I’m hoping he will look into it and figure it out for you

@IggyBoo yesterday morning we deployed a fix that successfully ported stuck BAT for a large number of users to their Uphold wallet.

It did not resolve the issue for everyone we are attempting a new fix for affected users. Please let me know if your BAT has not successfully ported to your Uphold wallet by Monday evening.

Thank you!