Lost around 600 BAT when connected to Uphold on android

Hello. I lost about 600 BAT when I connected my phone to Uphold when I noticed that was an option.

Been searching around for a bit and found on Reddit that there is a device limit for Uphold and I most likely hit that since I had installed Brave on all my desktops/laptops/etc. then noticed there was a way to connect my Android to Uphold finally since there wasn’t a way when if first installed it. I figured I could finally transfer my BAT out of my phone but as soon as I connected it it all disappeared and didn’t get put into Uphold. Is there a way to recover those BAT?

I have been using Brave almost since launch so feels like a kick in the teeth at this point not being warned that this could happen before connecting to Uphold.



you sure you’re not mission a Point(.) between 6 and 00 bcos u said u just figured out uphold was a thing.

If you already reached the 4 wallets limit, you should not try to link any more wallets, it will let you “verify” them but no bat will be sent to uphold from the extra wallets.

Besides, currently there’s a bug that is affecting various users. Bat not porting to uphold

Unfortunately no. 600 BAT is gone. Like I said I’ve been using Brave for a while now back when BAT was flowing more readily

Yeah that’s nice to know now but I didn’t get any warnings before I linked it. Why there wasn’t any warning is a mystery to me since apparently it’s a known issue for a while. I’ve tried to find a way to recover it searching everywhere but I can’t seem to find a way to pull back the old local device wallet.

So what I’m reading here is I’m just SOL and that BAT is gone as intended by the developers. As if it wasn’t intended then there would have been a warning that it was going to be lost or a way to recover it locally. This all happened before the bug you mentioned.

Same issue for me, I just lost 150 bat… Received 3 emails from uphold telling me that brave sent 15 bats to my account and the 150 remaining are in the void now.
I’m so disappointed as I was spreading the good words about brave to my friends

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Exactly. I mean they say that the browser doesn’t track you and are all about privacy, but if they are unwilling to support one of the funding aspects of that development (BAT for ads and promoting the use of BAT in the community) then what else are they compromising on? Is it really as secure as claimed?

Why am I semi limiting my functionality since it’s not as compatible as Chrome when all the things that Google collects may just be getting sold by Brave or passed to their advertisers as demographics data. I’ve shared Brave to my friends and even suggested using and tipping in BAT, but now I’m worried that was just a grift from another set of crypto scammers looking for a hook. I like the idea of Brave and BAT and I understand bugs happen, but the lack of support or even if it was secretly intended that BAT would get lost in the void to help reduce the supply is heart breaking.

I suspect we are probably the exception other than most people losing 1 to 5 BAT, but when you’ve tried to support it and worked around issues while it was in development, it hurts a bit. I accumulated all that 600 BAT minus what I tipped with from ads from using Brave for years. That’s probably thousands of ads. I’m just glad I moved all my other BAT out of Uphold and made sure to disconnect it from my other devices. Guess no more tipping or contributions from me if I can’t trust it to keep it safe.

Yep, they spread the hype everywhere with new products and platforms (DEX for example) but when you really use the main product you see that it’s unfinished…

Pretty sure your bats are safe, @steeven can explain where these funds are ?

Thank you for reporting! Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!


Thank you for your help. DM sent @steeven :slight_smile:

Also sent mine @steeven. I’ll keep this thread updated so others might benefit.

I also lost hundreds of BAT when I verified my uphold wallet. It happened about a month ago for me. I’ve reached out to @steeven a couple times but he hasn’t responded. Let me know if you get some answers to what’s going on!

i lost 5 usd and now i am not geting add

I’m not holding my breath, but I’d hope they’d want to support their users and make sure one of the core uses of the browser/BAT is reliable. This whole “Uphold Limit” issue has been a problem for a while (at least a year) and they STILL don’t have a message warning of connecting multiple devices. If their “wallet” automatically sends BAT or burns it by sending to an invalid address (though I suspect Uphold has a nice slush fund of BAT they’ve been cashing in for profit), then that sounds like a feature and not a bug at this point. … Though, I could be wrong. I’ll definitely update everyone regarding this.

I have been seeing quite a few people talking about problems after connecting multiple devices. I lost my BAT after the first connection so it’s a problem from the beginning. I tried reaching out to some people on reddit but haven’t gotten answers there yet either.

You can always try messaging @steeven with that information. From what I’ve read around here it’s probably not going to amount to much and it is probably scalable based on how much BAT was actually lost. Like I figure those that lost up to 5 BAT will probably get theirs returned but anything above that is lost to the void or is just some kind of under the table payment to Uphold since technically it was sent to their wallet but they just didn’t put it in your account to “prevent fraud” or some other lame excuse.

@steveen ayudame a recuperar mis 37 bat que desaparecieron de mi cuenta brave creadores

Incidentally, I’m seeing some of these types of threads getting closed early or disappeared. Just so you know, I haven’t had my issue resolved, yet. I’ll be sure to update this thread and sing the praises of support once that happens. If it’s closed before or even disappeared, then that wasn’t me.

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