Lost An Entire Month BAT Rewards

So i’ve been using brave and so far
it’s been good but when i tried claiming for my brave ad-rewards this month for may 6th it refused to claim and stayed stuck at the loading symbol i tried exiting and restarting my phone… then it simply didn’t show this month rewards to claim and didn’t add them to my wallet, did it just delete it my entire month rewards ? i had 18 BAT man… how do i get them back ?

yes but now the claim button disappered and my pending rewards was reset but i haven’t got my bat

pls ready carefully the post I have pasted here…

I just lost my BAT For May and I have Uphold!! How can I get back my BAT

if you have uphold just wait a few hours, your BATs are on way…

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their system is glitched out, I guess we gotta wait…

and those without uphold, they don’t have much hope of getting back their BATs ?

@Potato1010 - have you read the post I have pasted here?

Some quick notes;

  1. Users that are using Uphold user wallets are not impacted
  2. Users that are impacted via the error above will not lose their BAT
  3. This error is cross platform and impacts all platforms
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I lose all my earning from the last month.

had to google uphold is


UPDATE my Rewards just arrived i restarted and cleared my cashe

This has happened to me too, I tried clicked the claim button and saw it go, it only shows May’s BAT and I lost an entire months BAT. There was changes to my BAT wallet it remained the same. So, I checked in my Brave PC and saw that the entire month’s BAT was gone as well I could just see this month’s BAT and the PC wallet shows no increase in BAT. This time there was no claim button, it just vanished. I update the Brave PC to the latest version, [Version 1.8.90 Chromium: 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) (64-bit)], but my Rewards doesn’t show no changes.

Hi @Potato1010 - Thanks for reporting. Please see this post for an explanation - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.


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