Lost all tabs, Bookmarks, Brave back to default.. lost rewards aswell, what to do?


So today I re-launched Brave, it was closed before, since it wasn’t launching, I opened up the task manager and closed the bravebrowser.exe … the problem though, when I launched it again, I got like a brand new fresh Brave install with everything gone, tabs, bookmarks and even rewards !!

I found a topic on Github where someone described a similar issue and he was not able to get his tabs back and there was no way to recover it, but I took a look at the file in appdata/bravebrowser, I have a guest profile, profile 1 (that I just created) but no sign of my old profile although it might be in there somewhere…not sure.

I don’t remember how I called my profile, or whether it even asked me to create one when I originally installed it (that was quite a few months ago), so I think there is just no profile or it’s gone…ouch.

It’s sad as I had many tabs saved up… there should be a way to easily recover your tabs, or even have a text file with the links where I could look up manually !!

And also the worst part is apparently I lost my rewards aswell ! I don’t think I Had much maybe like 50 cents worth, but still… it’s a pretty big deal, some people could lose more ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS : I think since Brave offer this feature to make money and I assume that you also make money too, there should be an official support desk, just a thought…

When you open Brave, can you see this circle icon at upper right?


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Oh yeah, there it is, Profile 1 ! it asked me to restore tabs and it worked, woa, thank you so much, this feature is really sweet.

Like I said, as a backup, in case something goes wrong, saving links to a text file sound like it could be easily implemented.


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