Lost all progress in brave rewards

I had 13.750 bat in my account, with payment from January 2022 on the way for around .3-.5 bat. My computer was consistently crashing and so I had to fully reinstall windows 10 on to my SSD. which then I was forced to wipe all programs on my system and lost my brave browser because of this. This happened literally 2hs ago. My accounts are linked to all my devices which include a laptop and android. On the sync tab you can see that my desktop is still connected even though I just connected with the newly installed windows 10 on my desktop.

Is there any way for me to retrieve the bat that I lost from reinstalling windows 10, even with the proof of having it connected still on my account.

Please help, thanks

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NO, after reinstlling new window all reward are lost and if you connected your uphold account with 4 device then you get an error of 4 device limit reached .

But from here you can submit Wallet unlinking request

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